Chris has put partisanship aside to protect our country over his entire career, working with administrations of both parties in the Department of Homeland Security and as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. He’ll bring the same approach to Sacramento, working with Democrats and Republicans to do what’s best for Orange County and the state of California.
Instead of partisan fighting, he’ll focus on independent, common sense solutions that get real results on the issues that impact South County families most, including:

As the parent of three young children in our local public schools, Chris will invest in our public schools and ensure funds are directed to the classroom, not spent on bureaucracy. He’ll focus on programs that are proven to be effective for academic success, personal development and creating opportunity, including STEAM, early childhood education and career technical education (CTE) programs. He’ll also work to improve our higher education system and keep costs down so California students can attend our CSU, UC and community colleges around the state.

Public Safety

Chris has made the safety of our country his top priority as a Federal prosecutor and Homeland Security attorney. He knows that there is nothing more important than the safety of our communities and our families. He’ll fight to ensure our law enforcement agencies have the resources, tools, and support they need to keep our communities safe, pass common sense gun safety legislation and more. He will take on crime related to homelessness, while getting our local law enforcement out of the business of mental health care and drug abuse management, so they can focus on keeping Orange County safe.


Chris believes that climate change is real, and he’ll support reasonable and effective legislation to reduce greenhouse gases, ensure cleaner air and water and protect our coastline and oceans. He’ll work to improve our water infrastructure so communities, farmers and businesses around the state can survive and thrive through future droughts. But Chris understands that environmental legislation must not come at the expense of local businesses, so he’ll work to limit burdensome regulations, create new jobs in the renewable energy sector, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. He'll focus on incentives and programs to bring a cleaner environment and create green jobs. Chris is also committed to ensuring the planned dismantling of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant happens in a clean, safe and efficient manner.


Chris understands that Orange County families are already stretched too thin and taxed too much. He’ll oppose new state taxes and work to reduce the tax burden on middle class families. This includes opposing unnecessary and harmful fees, charges and projects, such as the toll road.

Jobs & the Economy

Chris will work across party lines to improve our local and state economy, fighting to cut unnecessary red tape that prevent businesses from succeeding and regulations that are driving too many businesses out of state. He’ll also fight for tax relief for middle class families and small businesses, and will invest in the 21st-century workforce to ensure no one is left behind.

Government Waste and Corruption

As a Homeland Security attorney, Chris has taken on corruption and examined bureaucracies for waste. In the Assembly, he’ll take that experience and be a steadfast steward for taxpayer dollars, ensuring it is used as intended and taking on waste – even when it comes from his own party. He’ll spearhead the creation of a bipartisan Special Committee focused on investigating and reducing waste in the State Government, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of state agencies.



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